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I have worked, cried, and laughed with Vicky for 7 years now off and on. She helped my husband and me through his Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s Dementia until his death 5 years ago. What a blessing she was and has been for both of us. I could not have made it through his decline and death and my own deep grief without her.

Vicky always meets you where you are with no agenda. Her precise intuition, loving heart, and variety of skills helps you through difficult times.

She helps you recognize old out-of-date beliefs, thoughts, and life patterns then she kindly and skillfully helps you find and embrace your own larger, healthier ways of seeing, feeling and knowing reality. And believe me, it can happen very very quickly.

When you recognize and release the old, you release tons of trapped and blocked energy. Then when you adopt and insert the new beliefs and perceptions, you breathe easier, think and see more clearly and have more energy for a vital aliveness in day-to-day living. She helped me choose to examine my deeply buried childhood beliefs that were no longer serving me. Wow. Releasing those freed up the energy that was trapped in them and in me and allowed me to heal, flourish, and live free.

Just as I take my car for routine maintenance and tune ups, I now know and feel when I need a Vicky tune-up. I appreciate that she is always available to lend a hand and heart. I always come out of our sessions lighter, brighter, and energized.

Vicky is a good, kind, intelligent person and a wonderful guide for this adventure called LIFE.

With deepest gratitude,

Carol Hughes
Grand Junction, CO

Dearest Vicky, thank you for all of your help.  I really appreciate you and all the light and love you radiate in support of other people and this planet.  Love and light,

Nancy GJ Colorado

“My name is Megan Reilly and I am the Director of Athletics and Spa at the Snowmass Club, Aspen Colorado.  I took the Bars Course workshop in January of 2012 and it has helped me increase my spiritual awareness in my own life.  I use the “clearing statement” every morning to start my day as  it helps me activate the flow of positive energy immediately. I run the bars on myself at night if I am getting ready to sleep and settle in for the night. I also use the Kindness , Gratitude, Peace and Calm finger positions  in the bath tub as I am meditating and cleansing my body of physical and emotional toxins.  This process has helped me to challenge my thought processes , belief systems  and facilitate change in my life.

I do use the practice on a daily basis and I appreciate Vicky taking the time and energy to teach, heal and enlighten those of us who are on this journey.  I have a lot of gratitude that Vicky came into my life when she did and that we continue a wonderful friendship.

Warm Regards,
Megan A. Reilly

“Dear Vicky, I just wanted to thank you so much for writing your book, CHANGING THE FACE OF GOD. I too questioned my faith from an early age. The rules from my church made no sense to me in painting a picture of a loving God. When prayers went unanswered, I felt it was my fault. Like somehow I lacked in connecting with a good prayer. Your book has helped me connect the dots, so to speak and given me the freedom to love God as I see HIM. I cannot begin to put into words the relief I feel.”

Sandra H.

“I cannot thank Vicky enough for helping me raise my awareness to a place where I KNOW that I have the answers inside of me and for teaching me how to get to those answers. Her techniques in Quantum Transformation through Pendulum Dowsing are remarkable and simple and have helped me make decisions about school, pregnancy, jobs, houses, cars, and more. Thank you Vicky”


“Vicky has taught me like no other teacher, how to tap in to my own inner wisdom. I am one who believes in God but never really felt connected or that I could hear from Him. Vicky has miraculously bridged the gap I lived with for most of my life between God and me. I can now say, God is within and therefore so are all my answers to all my questions. She is such a blessing.”


“Vicky has the tools and abilities to lovingly and efficiently assist others in setting their intent and receiving empowerment in their life. Receiving ‘The Access Bars’ opened my life up to new possibilities. Thank you Vicky!”

Grand Junction, CO

“Vicky has a natural intuitive grasp on the healing process. She creates a safe evironment and can work as deeply as you allow. She is a valuable resource to me.”

Grand Junction, CO

“Changing The Face of God is a stunning account of Vicky Thurlow’s journey to reconnect to her true spiritual source. Too many of us are living lives based on faulty programs embedded in our subconscious during childhood. Vicky offers hope in lifting that veil so that we can heal our illnesses and live the lives we are truly meant to live.”

John Adams, DC
Author of The Power and Mission of Hope

“I started working with Vicky after I read her book Changing The Face of God in late 2009. From reading her experiences I just knew she would be an understanding ear and a strong force to help me through my health challenges, which I was sure related to emotional issues. I wasn’t disappointed. Vicky has so many tools to use that assisted me as we forged a path to health – daily health. To understand that my health is a choice was a big thing for me. To open up to all the good that is out there for me was even bigger! I am so thankful to have made the step to get out of bondage of the old patterns, and I am truly thankful for the day I called Vicky and allowed her to guide me on my walk!”

ASR, Colorado

“When you think of a Life Coach you think of someone yelling at you to get you motivated right? Well that’s not Vicky. She’s beyond a Life Coach.  She inspires by teaching a lifestyle that she not only lives herself but inspires others to live as well. Her counsel is always based on taking responsibility, making changes, finding and living your truth, and having gratitude. Vicky has coached rather guided me through weight loss, relationships and career changes. Her style is priceless and life changing.”

LW, Colorado

“It was so amazing when Vicky started taking me on desert hikes. She did so to help me gain awareness of my thoughts and emotions, my subconscious, my beliefs, and my body through symbolic thinking. She has an uncanny ability to make a parable out of the most amazing things in nature. But more importantly, she has the ability to help me think things through myself. She has helped me find balance physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and spiritually. Vicky is truly a teacher, coach, and mentor.”

TL, North Carolina
Friend Forever

“Vicky was there for me as I was going through a very difficult time. Her loving support, yet firm guidance, helped me to move through my personal crises and courageously take the steps I needed to make, but didn’t want to. In looking back, I can see that Vicky did this from her own experience, from her personal strength and from her love for me and my path.”

SF, Colorado
Marketing Executive

“I’ve always had a hard time going to sleep at night. I would lie in bed for hours as my mind literally bounced off the walls. The very first night I did the restful meditation, I never even heard the end of it. I slept the best I had slept in years. Using this meditation is a great way to turn my mind off of worrisome things and on to doing something good for myself. I’m more rested, more relaxed, and my family has noticed a huge difference in my temperament.”

LD, New Mexico
Wife/Mother/Grandmother/Medical Office Manager

“I’ve tried forever to get in to a workout routine to only quit after the first month. After listening to the meditation ‘Break Bad Habits and Addictions’ I’ve been able to keep myself working out, I’m eating better and I’m also getting more work done. I truly have taken to heart and believe what the meditation says, and that is that I have the ability, the energy and the discipline to be the person I want to be. I didn’t believe that before, but I sure do now. But this isn’t the only meditation I bought. I bought all the others and so far, every single one has helped me improve my life. Thank you Vicky.”

DD, Alaska

“I’ve always been an avid runner and workout person, but after my fourth baby, it seemed that no matter what I did, I couldn’t get my body back the way I wanted it. Then Vicky showed me BREATHIN. I began BREATHIN five days a week, fifteen minutes a day, and in two months I really noticed the changes. In six months I was ecstatic. Now I have people all the time ask me how I did it. I say – by adding BREATHIN to my regular workouts.”

CL, Colorado
Licensed Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Mother of Four

“One day Vicky asked me if she could dowse over my heart as I was having tremendous anxiety. I agreed and my life has never been the same. I may not know how dowsing works, but I do know it’s unexplainably and undeniably a true healing tool that Vicky knows how to tap in to.”

SH, Colorado
Professional Stylist

“My schedule doesn’t allow much time for the gym as I’m on the road or in the air a lot. BREATHIN in my car or in my plane not only keeps me awake and alert but makes excellent use of my time. It speeds up my metabolism to burn fat and oxygenates my muscles and brain. It’s great”

MA, Colorado
President CPC Solutions