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About Vicky Thurlow

Rev. Vicky Thurlow C.Ht, is an inspiring Author, Talk Show Host, Speaker, Consciousness Teacher, Energy Practitioner, and Certified Hypnotherapist.  Bringing decades of experience to each private session, workshop, lecture, and her written and audio work, she helps liberate people from damaging beliefs and patters regardless of where they came from – religious cults, abusive programming, parents, teachers, priests, lineage, culture, society, or past lives.  Vicky has inspired tens of thousands of individuals with her enthusiasm and joy for life and continues to be a catalyst for raising consciousness.

Vicky began her career out of college as a teacher but quickly found she was not cut out for the public education system. Knowing deep within that she was truly born to teach; she entered the world of fitness in the early 80’s becoming one of the top Certified Fitness Instructors and Trainers for men, women, and college athletes at Oklahoma State University. The reward of teaching people how to transform their bodies by making decisions, changing personal beliefs, and with discipline was glorious, but she knew there was more for her to teach. She went on to manage many fitness facilities before building her own state of the art fitness center and world-class spa in Colorado. With over a hundred employees and battling for her life after being diagnosed with an incurable disease, she embraced her next calling and sold her business. That calling was to find consciousness. Through awakening to her higher consciousness, she unlocked her healing physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. What occurred during and since her amazing journey is what she openly shares with the world through her fiction and non-fiction storytelling, workshops, and powerful mp3’s.

Vicky has authored many inspirational books in which she openly shares her deeply personal and riveting life experiences ranging from her cult-like religious upbringing to the brink of suicide, serious injuries, life-threatening disease and facing death, divorce, financial devastation, to being a passionate teacher, speaker, and liberator. Through her books, workshops, speaking engagements, Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology modalities, and her guided meditations, she helps us all gain awareness of any deeply held beliefs that may be limiting and destroying our health, finances, and relationships. Vicky has an amazing and highly effective “tool box” containing deeply transforming Energy processes and exercise for our physical, emotional, spiritual, and ethereal bodies. With these processes, she can discern and identify the limiting beliefs, fears, and points of view we operate from and then quickly transform them so that we can create with ease, new beliefs, points of view, and consciousness that directly affect our reality. Vicky will keep you on your toes however because she’s still a trainer at her core. She will motivate and even push you at the perfect time so you can understand and experience miraculous freedom by learning to take full self-responsibility for everything in your life. She firmly believes that we create our own realities and does everything in her power to help us create just what we would like to have. Her work is truly dynamic and life changing.

Vicky is a loving contribution who is daily raising consciousness on this planet and serves as a catalyst for us to open our awareness to new ideas, beliefs, and concepts that may be significantly contrary to how we have all been living our lives. She energetically lives her purpose on a daily basis while sharing her life lessons with the world through private sessions, inspirational writing, speaking, blissful guided meditations, and her radiant joy.